Worship Task Force


The purpose of the Worship Task Force is to cultivate and empower the core value of worship in the Vineyard. The means by which we will accomplish this is as follows:

• Encourage and develop an authentic sense of community and connectedness amongst the worship leaders of American Vineyard churches.

• Provide pastoral care for the worship leading community.

• Provide avenues for equipping and training in theology, heart, and skill surrounding worship leadership.

• Provide avenues for the development of better original songs (craft, anointing, and theological content) and for the development of a dynamic, local church-focused songwriting community.

“Worship is the life blood of the Vineyard.” - Berten Waggoner


Community development and pastoral care

• Build and encourage a growing sense of community among American Vineyard worship leaders.

• Provide pastoral care for the American Vineyard worship community on an ongoing basis.

Equipping and training

• Work in the development of schools, forums, events, and materials to better equip our worship leaders and teams in the theology, heart, and skill of leading worship.

• Provide for technical training, equipping, and consulting.

• Work to ensure that our Vineyard worship values continue to be expressed across our movement - intimacy, accessibility, and authenticity.

Song and songwriter development

• Further develop and encourage our songwriters and deepen the theological content, musical quality, diverse expression, and congregational accessibility of our local Vineyard worship songs – better serve our local congregations in our songwriting.

• Partner with our local churches in the dissemination and recording of compelling original congregational worship songs as they emerge from our worship community.

• Assist in the development of regional worship recording projects.

Encourage a deeper expression of worship and sense of God’s presence in our local churches.

Nurture and encourage a renewed environment of “holy innovation” where our worship style continues to reach into our ever-changing culture in both fresh and historic ways.

All of these things done with a special focus on women, minorities, and the next generation of emerging worship leaders, musicians, and songwriters

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