Voices of the Vineyard

Voices of the Vineyard is a wide collection of stories, news, and testimonies of God working. These stories stem from diverse voices within the Vineyard movement, in the United States and beyond, woven together by themes of experiencing God and the in-breaking of His kingdom.

God Orchestrates And Students Play: Malike Adigun

I lead the youth at our church, and one of the great things we do as a group of middle school and high school students is that once a month on a Friday night, we go out and walk around our city. We ask God what he wants to do that night and walk around for a couple of hours.

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A Nudge Plus Obedience: Jimm Wood

From worship pastor to campus pastor and now senior pastor, God has been faithful, and he’s going to continue to be faithful. I’m growing in my trust in him, to take big steps even when I can’t see the ground beneath my feet.

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The Power to Choose: Joshua Hopping

It all started last year at our food pantry and clothing closet. The food pantry director was tired of doing with the paperwork and regulations surrounding the Toys for Tots program as the benefit didn’t seem to match the work it took to pull off the program.

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Grace At The Roller Derby: Jacob Larson

I’ve had the desire to become more of a proclaimer of the gospel as well as a person known to be in the presence of the gospel. Over the last five or six years, as a result of investing in my community, I’ve been around quite a few people that are very far away from Jesus.

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An Unexpected Pastor: Cathy Chester

My name is Cathy Chester. I am a church planter and, very unexpectedly, the lead pastor of Carolina Coast Vineyard Church in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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Poverty, Prayer, and Motorcycles: Brent & Theresa Paulson

We are one of the Cleveland churches on the east side of Cleveland. We’re not a very big church. We have maybe 150 members, counting cats and dogs. We’re in a very poor area operating on a near-zero budget. We have many outreaches, and God is good and fills them up!

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Overflow Coffee Bar: Brandon Neely

We felt God call us to open a coffee shop, and through that a church would form. It’s not just any coffee shop, but a coffee shop that is “changing the world one cup at a time.” The way we do that is by buying fair trade (direct trade coffee and products), and focusing on social justice.

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A Dream for Charleston: Tim Wheeler

In 2010, my wife and moved back to Illinois from Syracuse, NY, where we were part of the Vineyard. We had a dream of seeing a Vineyard church in Charleston, so we started working with Happy and Di Leman to begin gathering people.

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From Radio to Pastoring: Carlos Morales & Carmen Gutierrez

My name is Carlos Morales; my wife is Carmen Gutierrez. We are co-pastors at Metro Vineyard Church in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We joined pastors Ed and Pam Chilcott back in 2007 after meeting them through a radio ministry.

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Age Doesn't Matter: Gail Conwell

Since I’ve been in the Vineyard, I’ve been interested in the children. I actually teach first grade in the public schools. As I’ve gotten into my 60s -- and as a pastor’s wife -- I admit I’ve been a bit confused about what God has called me to. There is so much to do in so many areas of a church.

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Paying a Dear Price for Jesus: Joe & Janice Wood

We want to share a story about a woman in our church named “Mary.” She started coming to church because her 9-year old son had a friend that was a regular at our church, and he really wanted to come. Recognizing that she couldn’t just drop off her son and leave, she would send him to the kids’ area and would go sit in the back of the church and, according to her, would “play” on her phone.

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Party in the Park: Michael Houle

We planted our church about seven years ago. About five years ago we started an event called Party in the Park, with our whole goal being to reach out in our community in a live and active way and be really real. The party is completely free and has a zero-dollar budget to this day.

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Healing in the NICU: Daniel Putman

I have a cool testimony from about three weeks ago. I was the pastor-on-call within our church. That means if there is an incident or a need in the community, we go out and serve or pray or whatever is needed. We had an incident: a baby was born prematurely and was having lung issues.

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Healing At Dulles Airport: Jim & Megan Bleakley

On our flight home from CA a couple weeks ago Jim and I had a chance to pray for a 14-year-old girl who was flying to be with her grandparents for a week in DC. Jim handed her our Vineyard card and asked her to let us know if anything changed medically or otherwise from the prayer. We just received this response from her.

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Not Forgotten, But Forgiven (Part 2): Erica Baker

Erica Baker is an active member of The Vineyard Church in Duluth, Minnesota. She volunteers as part of the Love Justice ministry and is a member of the Street Team, both of which minister to underserved populations of men and women of all ages lost in the shadows and streets of the city.

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Not Forgotten, But Forgiven (Part 1): Erica Baker

Erica Baker is an active member of The Vineyard Church in Duluth, Minnesota. She volunteers as part of the Love Justice ministry and is a member of the Street Team, both of which minister to underserved populations of men and women of all ages lost in the shadows and streets of the city.

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It's Me, It's Me, It's Me: Sherri Harder

Yesterday I was a “fill-in” volunteer. Someone was sick and we needed someone to help the teacher for our Kingdom Kids. I was happy to jump into such an important job. First, I joined our team upstairs as we prayed before the service and then spent a couple of minutes of silence to listen for what we think Jesus may want to do in folks’ lives that morning.

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Free Clinics in Reynoldsburg: David DiYanni

We have been running free clinics at our church for almost five years now. I just want to say God is so totally blessing them, it is incredible! We started with a free medical clinic, then added free vision, legal, and tax preparation. Then we really got going and added free computer repair, free bicycle repairs, and two years ago we added free dog obedience. This year we added free financial advice and investing.

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Miracle in Indiana: Tim Robertson

Back on Friday, September 28th, 2012 at 10:10 AM, I was between job assignments and was parked in the lot of the Marsh Grocery Store on State Road 135 near the city of Greenwood, Indiana. While I was parked, a man named Stan saw our Johnson County Senior Services van. He walked up and collapsed against the outside of the driver side window like something out of a zombie apocalypse.

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Doing the Stuff of the Kingdom: AMADEO Vineyard Church

Over the past years we have grown a group of people who are serving our community under the name Vineyard Community Center of Arizona. These are just a few of the beautiful things God is doing in our community as people "do the stuff" of the kingdom, loving and serving one another in practical ways.

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Why I Love Vineyard Pastors: Jeff Heidkamp

"I wanted to be a pastor almost from the moment I first experienced the Holy Spirit at age 18. And I wanted to do it because I looked up to and admired Vineyard pastors."

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Vineyard Visitors- Care Center Ministry: Karen Tachi

Karen Tachi of the Vineyard North Phoenix Care Center Ministry issues a call to Vineyardites around the country to remember those in long-term care facilities and to bring Jesus to them.

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God is moving in Vineyard City Church of Tucson: Gary Stokes

Gary Stokes shares stories of two miraculous healings that have happened over the past two years at Vineyard City Church in Tucson.

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High Praise For Vineyard Music: Phil P.

As soon as the music started, the waves of God's love started flowing deep in my heart. I went up to the worship leader after the service was over and told him how profoundly the music had touched my heart. He said 75 percent of what they played was from a series called "Touching the Father's Heart" from Vineyard Music.

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Jesus Is For Me: Le Que Heidkamp

My story is interesting and random, but a lot of it is not intelligible unless you start from the beginning. As my wonderful husband Jeff has said, I love to greet people who I don’t know, and those who might feel like they're new and don't know if they belong. That's very much a part of my story.

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Love 146: Dan Kopp

Over the summer I began reading Built to Last by Jim Collins. In the book, Collins challenges companies and nonprofit organizations to have BHAGs: Big Hairy Audacious Goals that your organization can rally around. At the same time I was reading about BHAGs and praying about what one would look like at our church, I received an email from Jessica Gortat, leader of our church’s anti-human-trafficking task force. She said the task force was brainstorming about fundraising ideas for Love146.

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Unexpected Vineyard Resources: Cheryl Warren

Working in a place that is the only place folks can get some of the most valuable kingdom resources in the world carries with it a sort of sacred trust. People call us in various states of life change. They immediately "trust" us with details which are typically not shared with a businessperson taking your order over the phone. Sometimes it pays not to be Amazon.

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God’s Healing Happens Today: Rachael Sutliff

By age 24, Rachael Sutliff was an opera singer ... and was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma. After intensive chemotherapy and time spent questioning the future, she decided to attend a Vineyard conference workshop that changed everything.

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